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SDS Compliance Made Simple!

For less than $5.50 a day*, MySDS will become your 24/7 safety data sheet (SDS) management team. We do all of the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to, saving you time and money.

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Finally! A cost-effective, Canadian SDS management software solution.

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Giving You Peace of Mind
Our team of trained experts will build, monitor and adjust your SDS compliance documents full time. Gone are the days of having one of your employees fumble through documents for you.
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A Cost Effective Solution
The most cost-effective solution to remain compliant. Keep your employees safe for less than $5.50 per day.
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Easy to Use and Always Available
Our web application gives you access to all of your important SDS records whenever, wherever you need them. Use your desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Join MySDS's long list of satisfied customers.

Dave M.
Review Stars
“MySDS is the most graphically intuitive system I have ever used. Really love the ease-of-use and lay out.“
Review Stars
“We chose MySDS because they were the only Canadian company we could find and we like to support locally whenever possible.“
Dan A.
Review Stars
“The MySDS team are really easy to work with and have been a great help for myself and our staff.“
Review Stars
“MySDS allows us to quickly and easily reference all our SDS documents at any time, this offers peace of mind during surprise visits from the Ministry and the convenience of not having to manage our documents and instead focus on production. The cost of the service is easily paid for by the time saved and fine avoidance.“
Don A - Construction, AB
Review Stars
“The MySDS team are really easy to work with and have been a great help for myself and our staff.“
Review Stars
“We had the three largest MSDS management companies provide quotes and presentations. MySDS was the compnay we chose because they are the only ones that take care of everything.“
Sarah - Transit
Review Stars
“MySDS does all of the work which took the pressure off our my team. The other companies we looked at was like hiring a contractor to build your house and they only gives you the materials and tools and you have to do all of the work. We are very pleased with MySDS.“
Review Stars
“You and your team are my heroes! Thank you.“
Tim K. - Government Services
Review Stars
“WOW! Your system really slices and dices. Pretty fascinating and a little scary the information that is available for us to improve our safety education program!“
Bob Marrett
Review Stars
“MySDS is cleaner looking and neater than any other SDS management system I have seen so far in my quest.“
Mary-Kate A.
Review Stars
“MySDS is so much easier to use compared to the other online systems and I love that it is Canadian!.“
Heidi Brown
Review Stars
“I was thoroughly impressed. MySDS provides so much more and the cost is so much less. Well done, you've got a customer for life.“
Danny - Transport Services NB
Review Stars
“Compared to the other company...OH MY GOD! The labels in the other system were a headache. MySDS is saving us in time and money all right! It's idiot-proof! Not nice to say, but true.“
Barry M.
Review Stars
“MySDS was an amazing addition to our health and safety program. Saves us tons of time in training as it is so easy-to-use. It works so well on phones as well.“
Review Stars
“It has a very user friendly interface that allows for easy identification of SDS/ hazards/ first aid treatment with a simple click.“
Review Stars
“Thank you once again for your thorough review of the system today! It has been very helpful for me as well to be able to see the scope of what can be done in the system. We certainly have some work to be done, but your system is very user-friendly and will certainly help us to better manage and track everything at each of our locations!“
Review Stars
“Awesome you guys rock! Thanks! Have a great day!.“
Violet - Health Services - Toronto, ON
Review Stars
“I would say that MySDS is a full service vendor, does everything for you-SDS management, label making, product alerts. It’s like having an extended OHS Department, off site. Very glad to have made the move.“
Stephanie - Lab Tech, ON
Review Stars
“I was asked what I thought of MySDS. My response to them: You are THE BEST!.“
Doug AB
Review Stars
“We chose MySDS because it breaks down finer details in the advanced search that no other system offers. Our workers embraced the environmental pictograms and that at a glace information - this was so vital to them in the field.“
Abdul P.
Review Stars
“This system is amazing! it tells us when we have an old composition or if the product is discontinued. We have learned the dangers of lack of turnover of inventory and it can haunt you.“
Karrel - BC
Review Stars
“We have now learned that 90% of the incidents and near misses related to chemical exposure at our facilities could have been avoided in the past if we would've had MySDS all along. The move from the previous vendor was a great one and has made a considerable positive difference for our workers.“
Review Stars
“Excellent, interesting, easy!“
Review Stars
“We were with Velocity EHS, but it is a very old system and it is quite labour intensive on my end so MySDS was a dream come true. Very happy with their service.“
Chris - City of L
Review Stars
“We recently transitioned from MSDSonline to MySDS. It has made a huge impact on how we manage our chemical inventory. It was quite an undertaking but has made a significant difference. The customer service alone was well worth it. Wish we had of made the move years ago!.“
Kathy B.C.
Review Stars
“Really loved what I saw during the MySDS demo. Value beyond words! I don't like to waste my time and MySDS was worth every minute. I love this SDS system.“
Michael P Env Health and Safety
Review Stars
“In response to: Thank you for utilizing MySDS, we appreciate the opportunity to assist you in keeping your employees safe. "You're welcome it is a great program and takes a lot of time and effort off my plate!.“
Review Stars
“We are a US utility company. MySDS was our first choice for SDS Management when our Canadian division vetted theirs. Our US division is looking forward to getting onboard.“
Review Stars
“We used to be with MSDSOnline but it was so tedious. Sometimes I would spend 30-40 min searching through all of their documents only to learn that they did not have the Canadian SDS that we needed. Then I would have to go and find it and upload it to their system - more of my time wasted. Their search was terrible, verbiage and characters made it difficult to access. MySDS has saved me so much time. Wish we had have found MySDS sooner.“
Review Stars
“I've used MySDS at two other companies and I think it's so great that I am onboarding again at my new company. Occupational Health & Safety is an obligation – legislation to keep employees safe, it's not an option! MySDS makes this happen. It's so easy and affordable!.“
Brianna S Health & Research Facility
Review Stars
“The service I received was prompt and informative. I could easily connect with members from MySDS about my company's questions and concerns. I was always met with a team member that took the time to explain the best mechanism of action to resolve the problem. Overall, great customer support.“
Vivianne MacK
Review Stars
“Our Health Centre has been with MySDS for several years now and it has all been going seamlessly. The system is reliable and staff are knowledgeable and exemplary in their customer service. I have provided positive feedback to my peers in healthcare when asked.“
Neil H
Review Stars
“I wanted to extend our appreciation for the help you and your team have provided us. We are very very impressed with the system and even more with the professionalism of your staff. I have already recommended you to other organizations. Hope we can help provide you with some more business.“
Morgan M. - Autobody Supply
Review Stars
“I enjoyed getting to know MySDS and was amazed by the amount of value MySDS can provide“
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Need Canadian safety data sheets?

MySDS is the answer. We will find them for you. We have the most comprehensive, user-friendly MSDS database on the planet. The MySDS management system is simple for all ages, computer skills, and abilities.

  • MySDS keeps your Safety Data Sheet database, compliant.
  • MySDS is remarkably easy-to-use.
  • MySDS is affordable.

Stop hunting through a million SDSs by product name, manufacturer, CAS #, and/or product code for hazardous chemical MGMT when you can have MySDS do it for you for a fraction of the price.

Our Responsibility and Promise. We take care of SDS compliance so you and your staff can do what you do best.

MySDS carries the responsibility of obtaining all MSDS / SDSs in your chemical inventory, across all of your locations as well as the maintenance of the SDS library.
Your SDS library will be accessible from your desktop as well as from your phone or tablet.
MySDS is a premium online safety data sheet management system with advanced search, safety labels, custom library structure, hazard pictograms and more!
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Experience an online Safety Data Sheet management system that is simple to use and is accessible from anywhere, on any device.

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