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MySDS SDS Management Software For The Pharmaceutical Industry
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Hazardous materials, products and chemicals are an inevitable part of the pharmaceutical industry. From hazardous chemicals used in the production process to hazardous products used in the manufacturing of drugs, it's crucial that these substances are handled and managed properly to ensure the safety of workers and the public.

Here's a list of common hazardous materials, products and chemicals used in the pharmaceutical industry that our software can help manage:

Hazardous Chemicals

Dangerous drugs

Hazardous waste



Flammable liquids

Corrosive substances

At MySDS, we understand the unique challenges faced by pharma in managing safety data sheets (SDSs). MySDS’s comprehensive MSDS / SDS management software is tailored to meet the specific needs of pharmaceutical companies.

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Why should pharmaceutical companies choose MySDS for their SDS management needs?

Pharma SDS Compliance Made Simple

MySDS simplifies compliance with Canadian and American SDS regulations for pharma companies. With our SDS software and expert team, pharmaceutical companies can rely on the MySDS team to efficiently manage SDS documents, safety information, structure the database the way you need it (for the office, manufacturing facilities, storage or in transit) and ensure it's always current and accessible to employees.

Centralized Access to SDS Information Specific to Pharmaceutical Companies

MySDS offers a single source of all SDS documents, making it easier for companies to keep track of hazardous materials, products, and chemicals. This database is accessible via mobile devices, providing workers with crucial safety information while on the job.

Intuitive, Mobile Friendly Interface for the Pharma Production Facility and the Office

MySDS is user-friendly with a straightforward interface, allowing companies to manage their SDS documents with ease. Even those with limited technical knowledge can open the app and search with ease.

Cost-Effective to Meet Any Pharma Company's Budget

MySDS can help pharmaceutical companies save money by taking on the burden of SDS management and/or providing savings compared to your current SDS provider. We ensure your library is up-to-date to reduce the risk of accidents, incidents, and non-compliance fines.

Experience an online system that is simple to use and is accessible from anywhere, on any device!

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