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MySDS SDS Management Software for Canadian and US K-12 and Institutions of Higher Education
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With increasing concerns over student and faculty safety in K-12 schools, universities, colleges and other education establishments, it's more important than ever for school boards and educational institutions to stay compliant with Safety Data Sheet (SDS) regulations in Canada and the US. This can be a daunting task, especially considering the many hazardous chemicals present in classrooms, labs, shop classes, and other areas on campus.

Higher education institutions can contain a variety of hazardous chemicals, including:

Cleaning agents


Art supplies

Science lab chemicals

Automotive fluids in shop classes

And many more.

These chemicals can cause harm to students, teachers, faculty, and the public if they are not properly managed. Thankfully, there's an easy solution: MySDS. School boards and educational institutions should use MySDS for MSDS / SDS management to help keep students, teachers, faculty, and the public safe.

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Benefits of Using MySDS for Education (Higher Ed and K-12) SDS Management

Easy Access to SDS Information Needed in Schools

MySDS provides a central database and a mobile-friendly app where users can access SDS information quickly and easily. This is particularly useful in the case of an emergency, where fast access to SDS information is essential.

Increased Compliance for Schools and School Boards

By using MySDS, educational institutions and school boards can be confident that they are staying compliant with Canadian and American SDS regulations. This can help to reduce the risk of fines and other penalties associated with non-compliance.

Improved Safety for Educators and Students

By having access to SDS information in a centralized location, schools and higher education institutions can make informed decisions about the use and storage of hazardous chemicals. This can help to reduce the risk of accidents and incidents involving students, teachers, faculty, and the public.

Easy Implementation for Multi-Campus and Complex SDS Database Configurations

MySDS is user-friendly and can be easily implemented in any K-12 school or higher education institution, regardless of the size and complexity of the campus, facilities, classrooms and permission access required. The software is designed to be accessible to everyone, from teachers and faculty to students and parents.

Experience an online system that is simple to use and is accessible from anywhere, on any device!

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