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Green Lights Environmental

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Over 40 years combined experience, we thrive on your challenges.

As the Northern Ontario's exclusive distributor for ICC the International Compliance Centre, Green Lights is able to offer all of your Hazardous Materials and Safety needs, from products and services, to specialized training. We utilize a network of hazardous materials disposal companies enabling us to offer the best possible service or solution for your waste stream. Our chemical inventory services can make sure that your chemicals are easily disposed of in an easy and safe manner.

Green Lights Environmental Services

Chemical Disposal and Chemical Cleaning
- Chemical Waste Disposal and Hazardous Waste Disposal
- Isocyanate Disposal
- Ethyl Mercaptan Disposal
- (MWD) Mine Warning Device Disposal (Stench Gas Cylinders)
- Sharps Disposal
- Fume Hood Cleaning

Medical and Dental Waste Disposal
- Sharps, lead foil, lead aprons
- In-line amalgam traps
- Amalgam separator filters
- Fixer & Developer
- Compressed gases

- Non-hazardous Waste Disposal
- Vacuum Truck Services
- Chemical Storage Tank Cleanouts
- Bankruptcy Clean-up
- Lab-Packing

Specialized Services
- Compressed Gas Specialists
- Bio-Hazardous Infectious Materials Handling / Disinfection
- MySDS® - Online MSDS/SDS Library Hosting Services
- HWIN Maintenance / Administration
- (ECA) Environmental Compliance Approvals (MOE) Ministry of the Environment Applications
- (EASR) Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (MOE)
- Certified Playground Safety Inspections (Inspector)
- Safety Site Inspections
- Chemical Inventory
- Explosives Audit
- Anhydrous Ammonia Tank Emergency Response
- Chlorine Gas Emergency Response
- Chemical / Hazardous Materials - Spill Response
- Stand-By Rescue

Online & In-Class Occupational Health and Safety Training
- Supervisor Competency
- Worker Awareness
- Workplace Violence & Harassment Training
- Health & Safety Representative Training in Ontario

Specialized Training Services
- Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG, IATA, IMDG) (road, rail, air, marine)
- Bio-Hazardous Infectious Materials Handling / Disinfection
- Chemical Spill Clean-Up
- Job Hazard Management & Risk Assessment
- Ladder Safety
- Confined Space Entry & Awareness
- Ergonomics
- Compressed Gas Safety
- Hazardous Materials Storage
- Hazardous Materials Safety & Handling (material specific) i.e. Acids, Isocyanates,
Mercaptans, Cyanide, Chlorine, Ammonia
- WHMIS 2015 GHS Training
- C-12 Training GLE REG 347
- CBRNE (Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Explosive) Training

- Customized Occupational Health & Safety Manuals
- Workplace Hazard and Safety Signs, Placards, Labels

Please contact us with any questions you may have as we continue to grow and expand.


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