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Chemical Inventory Software and Disposal Services

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For proper chemical inventory / hazardous materials control, compliance and organization are necessary to assist with appropriate education, handling, storage, spill clean up and disposal. It is recommended to utilize a Canadian online safety data sheet system with an unlimited search library like MySDS.

Setting up and managing a chemical inventory can be a difficult task, even when you think you have done your research or have prepared yourself with a spreadsheet or list to follow. The difficulty comes when you begin attempting to cross-reference chemicals with the
vendor SDS, which may create significant problems if you are unable to do so.

Tracking chemicals in the workplace using chemical inventory software requires detailed knowledge of all possible "hiding places". Chemicals can be found in the strangest places and they can be easily overlooked.

It is not always obvious that certain items can also be considered “chemicals" – did you
know that welding rods and certain building materials (ie. insulation batts, bricks) may be hazardous if exposed to by-products? As a result, you may not be able to perform
risk assessments for the whole site.

Chemicals and corrosive products often interact explosively with other chemicals, so storage locations may be a problem if you need to have multiple chemicals with a certain distance between them. The chemical inventory must identify the distance between chemicals so that appropriate incompatibilities reporting can take place.

We will conduct a physical inventory of all hazardous chemicals including consumer

We will compile a list including:

  • Amount – unit of measure (i.e 1 litre)
  • Chemical name (i.e Acetone)
  • Container type (i.e Glass bottle)
  • Manufacturer (i.e Aldrich)Exact location (i.e Building C, Warehouse Office, Shelf A)

We will also update the chemical inventory database when you:

  • Move to a new location
  • Acquire a new hazardous chemical
  • Your inventory volumes change more than 10%
  • You remove a chemical from your inventory

*Consumer products are products that do not require a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) when purchased by a consumer in a retail setting, however,
some of these products do require an SDS when they are brought into the workplace (example: paints, hand soaps, inks)


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