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Occupational Health & Safety Audit

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Is your business or location prepared for an occupational health and safety inspection?

If the Canadian Ministry of Labour (or American Department of Labor) popped in, would you be considered compliant?

MySDS® can provide safety site inspections to keep you compliant and more importantly
you and your employees or co-workers safe. MySDS® brings clarity to your Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) needs, while providing vital knowledge of regulations.

Areas that may need to be reviewed during a safety audit or inspection

  • Placarding
  • WHMIS Workplace Safety Labels
  • Designated Substances
  • CAS Numbers
  • Hot-Spot Identification
  • Chemicals Incompatibility reporting
  • Hazardous Substances reporting
  • Dangerous Goods reporting
  • Radioactive materials, biological materials (or etiological agents), or controlled
    substances; are maintained in separate tracking systems.


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