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Our MySDS logo: What's all the buzz about?

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Our MySDS logo: What's all the buzz about?

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A simple shape that holds a lot of meaning. A honeycomb shape, or hexagon, can often be spotted in a variety of products due to both it’s aesthetically appealing looks as well as the benefits it provides in terms of durability and strength. "Honeycombs are applied in a broad range of industries, such as aerospace, sporting goods, automotive, and construction sectors." ( “The concise and orderly pattern of [honey]comb is a symbol for structure, order, utility and strength – and with good reason. This pattern hasn’t occurred by accident. Bees have discovered a way to build their home that serves them incredibly well.” ( Not unlike the bees, at MySDS we didn’t stumble across the shape in our logo by accident. Learn more about us by checking out our reasons for joining the Beehive listed below.

DID YOU KNOW? A honeybee needs to consume approximately 8 oz of honey to be able to produce 1 oz of Beeswax. A great example of how doing things that may prove more difficult or time consuming often yield the best results and overall structure and efficiency of the workplace. MySDS helps you achieve your 'beeswax' quicker by doing the leg work for you and keeping you compliant!

1. Symbolism • MySDS strives to continuously reflect the symbol of structure, order, utility and strength that the honeycomb represents. By providing a structured and easy to use catalogue of SDS (previously MSDS) information our customers also maintain a workplace environment that reflects these symbols as well.

2. Essential Resource • “During the cold months, bees are unable to venture away from the hive to gather nectar and pollen. They are, therefore, reliant on the honey resources they have built up within the hive.” ( At MySDS we are the honeycomb for our customers, providing the information our customers are reliant on: SDS (previously MSDS), PPE, First Aid, etc.)

3. Storage • “Each individual cell [in the honeycomb] has a story to tell, through the myriad ways in which it can be used by bees” ( With a myriad of SDS sheets in our library (and continuously growing) we provide an array of information to a variety of customers from all different workplace settings.

Much like the work a bee puts into creating a honeycomb to ensure they have the honey they need to survive; hard work and time is focused on creating and maintaining your SDS library and keeping you up to date. It's not about making it safer... it's about making it safe!


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