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Video: The Best Safety Training Tool

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Video: The Best Safety Training Tool

Health and Safety training is often met with a lack of excitement from staff and employers alike. Yet the importance of the information being taught is critical, training staff members the measures to prevent injury, illness and even fatality.

Knowing the importance of the information provided in these training sessions unfortunately does not automatically increase the rate of retention for those involved. A study from the Savo Group shows after just 7 days after a training session, the average employee will have forgotten 65 percent of the material covered. What’s worse — after six months, that number jumps to 90 percent.

So what can be done to make these training sessions more memorable? The first step is to use a training video. According to Forrester Research, "employees are 75 percent more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails or web articles." With retention rates raising up to 60% according to a study. Retention rates aren't the only benefits of using training videos, below we will cover some of the other benefits we believe make video/e-learning the right choice.


• MySDS/Green Lights Environmental can create videos using YOUR workplace, showing training on YOUR machines and with YOUR employees, helping staff to relate to what is being taught


• Hiring a company like MySDS/Green Lights Environmental to create a training video can be cost effective, since you can then use the same video for years instead of continuously spending time (and money) to train new employees


• As well as being cost effective, being able to use the video multiple times allows staff to refresh their knowledge, or watch the training videos when they have free time, instead of trying to create time slots that will work with all employees


• Training videos are consistent in that they will not differ from one view to another, where an in-class training session can vary depending on who is presenting, the atmosphere in the training session, or perhaps they can remain free from interruption from the loud and distracting employee that you work with

With the benefits far outweighing the downfalls, video training is the way of the now and of the future. With technology continuing to progress at seemingly lightning speed it is no wonder more and more employers are choosing to train through videos. At MySDS and Green Lights Environmental we offer custom training videos on areas such as Hazardous Materials, WHMIS 2015, Dangerous Goods, as well as job specific training such as; Lab Safety, and How-to's for job specific equipment, as well as shipping by land, sea and air.

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